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Wellness Exams:

Many clients think their pet’s annual visit to the veterinarian is just to receive their “shots,” but the truth is that the visit encompasses much more. In order to detect health problems while in the early stages a wellness exam is needed at least once, or preferably twice yearly.

Animals age much faster than people, meaning an annual wellness checkup for your pet is like a human only going to the doctor once every five to seven years. Preventative health care is the single most important thing you can do to ensure that your pet has an improved quality of life and health. Early detection of diseases can enable us to give your pet the special care he or she may need to stay on track for a long and healthy life. The exams also provide the perfect opportunity to ask the veterinarian any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pets health.


We understand how serious and stressful every procedure is on our patients however large or small the need may be. With that in mind, before any operation the veterinarian will clearly explain why they are recommending the surgery along with answering any questions until you feel comfortable and confident that you are making the best decision for your pet.

Our veterinarians and highly trained staff members make it a priority to ensure your pets health, safety, and comfort. Whatever your pet’s need may be, whether that be from simply neutering to a much more involved and intricate surgery, our veterinarians and assistants are prepared to offer caring support and assistance using our advanced and specialized medical techniques.

A pre-surgery blood panel is recommended prior to each surgery. The panel helps identify underlying problems such as: blood clotting issues, hidden infections, kidney or liver problems, low blood sugar, or diabetes. The procedure may be postponed if your pet’s blood results are outside of the normal ranges.

Anesthesia & Monitoring:

We are equipped with highly advanced cardiovascular and anesthesia monitoring equipment as it is very important for every surgery.

During the anesthesia and surgery our monitors focus on heart activity, blood pressure, oxygen level and body temperature. To ensure each patient maintains a safe body temperature we use a heated surgery table throughout the procedure and during recovery. As each patient awakes they have their own technician caring for them in a quiet room while wrapped in a warm blanket.

Pain Management:

Before waking up from the anesthesia every patient receives pain medication. This helps keep them comfortable after the surgery, reduces their pain level, and allows for a shorter hospital stay. Clients are also recommended to take home additional pain medication to use as directed.

Dental Care:

Without the proper dental care our pets can develop very painful oral diseases just as easily as humans. Preventative measures include removing the tartar and plaque that has formed overtime. Although anesthesia is not needed for our typical trip to the dentist it is essential for our pets in order to ensure an effective cleaning.

Lost Pet Microchip Identification:

Microchips have helped reunite thousands of lost pets with their owners. We use the largest and most commonly used identification microchip brand, HomeAgain, as they provide outstanding services that help increase the chance of finding your missing pet.

Similar to an annual vaccination, the process is very quick and only takes several seconds. The veterinarian injects a microchip beneath the surface of your pet’s skin leaving a permanent ID code. If your pet is ever lost or taken to the animal shelter they can scan the ID code to identify your pet and contact HomeAgain. Next HomeAgain then uses your contact information to reunite you and your pet.

Diagnostic Services:

Kingsport Veterinary Hospital offers in-house digital radiographs or x-rays, which are exceptionally important to every pet. Radiographs can be very beneficial in helping to diagnose your pet’s medical conditions.

Emergency Services:

Emergencies are accepted during our business hours. If time permits please call on your way to notify us of the emergency in order for a staff member to be more prepared when you arrive. For after hour emergencies we recommend:

Airport Pet Emergency Clinic (423)279-0574

Hospice and End-of-Life Care:

One of the most difficult times is saying goodbye to a best friend. Our caring staff will be there every step of the way.

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